Personal Injury Procedures

If you have experienced an injury from an accident at work, you may be eligible for a Work injury accident claim.

There are very set procedures to be observed in the case of a work accident or injury. First, you must notify your employer of your illness or injury immediately. Under employment law every employer is obligated to keep a register of work place injuries and accidents. All work place injuries and accidents and their causes and resulting medical treatment must be immediately entered into the register. Failure to comply with these regulations can mean pretty stiff fines and penalties for the employer.

Each employer must by law have a health and safety policy where these procedures have to be noted. Any breach of the health and safety policy either by the employer or the employee needs to be noted in the afore mentioned register.

The injured employee must immediately seek an endorsement of their injuries from a GP or from A&E at a hospital if they are still under their own steam. If not under their own steam then the employer has to make sure that the employee is well looked after by the calling of an ambulance to take the injured person to A&E in hospital.

The injured person may then seek compensation from the employer for their injuries if it is proven the employer is in breach the Health and Safety regulations in operation in the business or organisation or that the employer has asked the employee to perform a task that they are not trained to do or outside their normal job function.

The injury that the employee has got must be a direct result of performing a work task and must not happened outside of work or by some activity performed in another function elsewhere. If all is in order then the employee can make a work injury accident claim.